Friday, 11 January 2013

The 32%

Who wouldn't want more money for the job they do? The simple answer is pretty much all of us. We no doubt all think that we could do with a rise in the money we receive, whether we're part of a private company, the public sector, unemployed, or, slaving for our parents by occasionally cleaning our rooms. (Yes kids I'm talking to you)

But there are a group of us that believe, if the polls are accurate, they deserve far more than just a few quid extra for the work they do. Lets, for want of a less polite term, call them the Members. The Members tell us, that they, (unlike anyone else in the country obviously) work jolly well hard, and it's very difficult actually making laws, and listening to the rest of us whine on about how times are hard, and, to be honest I'm sure it is. 

Some Members, like Andrew Bridgen MP, despite topping up his salary by an extra £7,773 a month, (here) will also tell you that most people believe his £65,738 a year salary really isn't a great deal of money (I personally don't know anyone that believes this but there you go). There are some Members, like Tim Farron MP, (here) who will also tell you the 127% rise in salary Members received between 1990 and 2008 is too high, which is why since 2009 he has given away any rise in  his pay to charity. There are even some Members I'm sure, like 60% of the public (here), that think they earn far too much already (though again I personally don't know of any).

However here's a suggestion. Let's actually give Members the 32% rise in pay they think they deserve. But in return we expect them not to earn large amounts of money from second jobs (here) To pay their own rent if they live 19 miles away from their work (here) their own breakfast (here), their own First Class train tickets (here) and if they want their Aga serviced, (here) to do what the rest of us do, pay for it themselves. 

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